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Photo Gallery

Glass varia Glass varia See me (SOLD) Glass, flameworkd, flowers about 15 cm 198922160 Natuurlijke streken (SOLD) Mixed glass techniques, 60 cm high 198922438 Natuurlijke streken (detail) Boro glass, flameworked, 12 cm 198922436 Natuurlijke streken (detail) Boro glass, flameworked, 12 cm 198922437 Splash!!! Glass, mixed techniques, 45 x 30 x 13 cm 198922547 Desert Glass, flameworked, sand, about 60 cm high 198922166 Watch me 1 Glass, flameworked, 15 cm x 9 cm 198921510 Babymonster Boro glass, flameworked, 8 cm 201037383 Babymonster detail Boro glass, flameworked, head = 1,5 cm 201037492 Envy Boro glass, flameworked, 12 cm 201037384 Courtship Glass fusing. 55 x 14 cm 201037393